Intelligent Transportation System

System Planning
Advanced Public Transportation System
Advanced Traffic Management System
Advanced Traffic Information System
Electronic Toll Collection System
Commercial Vehicle Operation
 Key Projects Introduction
01 System Planning
  • System Architecture and Development Strategies of Advanced Public Transportation System (APTS) in Taiwan 2001.08  
  • Development of intelligent transport system(ITS) Architecture in Taiwan. 2001.08  
  • A Strategic Development Plan of ITS in Taipei City 2008.11  

02 Advanced Public Transportation System
  • Preliminary Plan for Upgrading Service Quality of Public Transportation Information System in Northern Region. 2015.05  
  • Deployment of Smart Bus Management System in Keelung City 2008.09  
  • Design and Demonstration Project of Intelligent Fleet Management for Bus Rapid Transit(BRT). 2007.01  
  • Network Planning, Operation Planning and ITS System Supervision of Taichung BRT Blue Line 2012.01  

03 Advanced Traffic Management System
  • Vulnerable Individual Protection System –Deployment and Applications of Positioning & Guidance Technologies for Assisting the Visually Impaired. 2007.01  
  • North Taiwan Intelligent Transportation System --- Planning of Alternative Highways and Transportation Modes. 2008.08  
  • Upgrade of Software and Hardware of Traffic Control System in Taipei City. 2005.11  
  • i3 Travel Love for Traveling – A low-carbon Intelligent Transportation Service for Tourism, Preliminary Assessment, Implementation Strategies, Implementation Consultancy and Demonstration project (4 phases) 2012.01  
  • Infrastructure Building & Application of Traffic Information Clouds in Taiwan 2012.06  

04 Advanced Traffic Information System
  • Application of Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) in Collecting Traffic Information 2004.12  
  • A Study on Information Sharing in Transportation Sector. 2011.05  
  • Operations & Maintenance Planning for the National Traffic Information Center. 2004.01  
  • Development of Integrated Modules of On-Board Units (OBU) and Application of Value-Added Vehicle Telematics System on Roadway Traffic and Commercial Fleet Management. 2007.01  

05 Electronic Toll Collection System
  • A Study on Distance-based Toll Rates for Freeways in Taiwan 2008.01  
  • Planning and Design of Toll stations on Forest-Service Roads in Nantou County. 2011.09  

06 Commercial Vehicle Operation
  • Development of Integrated Modules of On-Board Units (OBU) in Taiwan. 2004.12  
  • Planning & Deployment of System Modules of Gravel Truck Management System in Taiwan 2002.04  
  • Planning & Development of System Modules and Risk Assessment Mechanism for Hazardous Material Transportation Management in Taiwan 2009.03