Sustainable Transportation

Low-Carbon Community Planning
Green Transport Plannin
Vehicular Carbon Emission Modeling
Vehicular Fuel Consumption & Carbon Emissions
Mobile Source Air Pollution Assessment
Adaptation for Climate Change
 Key Projects Introduction
01 Low-Carbon Community Planning
  • Operational Planning for Applying Low-Carbon Transport Systems in Shimen Reservoir Area 2016.12  
  • An Ecological Urban Design Demonstration Project in Luodong, Yilan County 2009.01  
  • Developing an Integrated Plan for Applying Low-Carbon Transportation Modes in New Urban Area in Macau. 2010.12  

02 Green Transport Plannin
  • Deployment and Operational Planning of Public Bicycle Systems in New Taipei City, Taichung City, & Taoyuan City, etc. 2014.01  
  • Strategic Planning and Demonstration of Green Transport System in Taipei County 2008.02  
  • Planning for a Pedestrian Mall in the Core of Jiaoxi Hot Springs Area 2013.10  

03 Vehicular Carbon Emission Modeling
  • Developing an Integrated Model for Projecting Future Fuel Consumption and Carbon Emissions for Small Automobiles for Evaluating Effects of Change in Transportation Demand and Transportation Policies 2009.01  
  • A Series of Studies on the Characteristics and Model Development of Vehicular Energy consumption and Carbon Emission by Using On-Board Dynamic Measurement System (Trucks, Buses, and Motorcycles). 2010.01  
  • A Study on the In-Road Fuel Consumption and Carbon Emissions Characteristics of Small Trucks by Using On-Board Dynamic Measurement System. 2017.01  

04 Vehicular Fuel Consumption & Carbon Emissions
  • Building and Application of Assessment Tool & Database for ITS Applications in Energy Saving & Carbon Reduction. 2013.01  
  • Development and Application of Modules for Assessing Policy Effects of Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction. 2016.01  
  • Development of Training Materials for Using the Integrated Transportation Planning Model for Evaluating Economic Effects of Strategies for Reducing Fuel Consumption and Carbon Emissions. 2015.01  
  • Establishment of Mechanism for Energy and Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Inspection Systems in the Transportation Sector 2007.01  

05 Mobile Source Air Pollution Assessment
  • Inspection and Control Plan of Evaporative Air Pollutants in Kaohsiung City (from 2016 to 2017). 2105.12  
  • A Plan for Enhancing Effectiveness of Controlling Motorcycle Emissions in New Taipei City by Applying the Big Data Technology (2016) 2016.09  
  • A Strategic Plan for Reducing Mobile-Source Air Pollution by Promoting Green Transport Systems in the Kaohsiung Port Area (Study Year 2014 to 2015). 2014.01  
  • Planning for Subsidizing Public Transport System in Kaohsiung City by Using the Fund Contributed by Factories in Exchange for Expanding Their Pollutant Allowances (Study Years 2011~ 2013) 2010.01  
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Macau in Replacing the Two-stroke Motorcycles by E-scooters 2013.09  

06 Adaptation for Climate Change
  • Development of a Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan for Taiwan’s Railway and Highway Systems. 2017.01  
  • Building Risk Assessment Mechanism and Deployment of an Information Platform for Climate Change Adaptation for the Railway and Highway Systems in Taiwan . 2014.01  
  • Development of Vulnerability Indices and Adaptation Strategies for the Railway and Highway Systems in Taiwan 2013.02