Traffic Engineering

Traffic Planning
Traffic Control & Engineering
Traffic Micro-simulation Modeling
Traffic Impact Assessment
Parking Planning
Traffic Maintenance Plan
 Key Projects Introduction
01 Traffic Planning
  • An Improvement Plan for Relieving Traffic Congestion in Taoyuan County. 2014.04  
  • Deployment of a Premonition Mechanism for Traffic Management in Yilan Area by Applying Big Data Technology. 2015.05  
  • A Feasibility Study for Improving Xinsheng Expressway Viaduct. 2005.07  
  • Comprehensive Transportation Plan and Traffic Maintenance Plan for Taiwan Lantern Festival in Years 2014 & 2015 2013.07  
  • Comprehensive Transportation Plan and Traffic Maintenance Plan for 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition. 2008.11  

02 Traffic Control & Engineering
  • Design of Traffic Signal Timing and Deployment of Advanced Traffic Management System in Taipei City.  2009.08  
  • Re-timing of Traffic Signals and Deployment of Advanced Traffic Management System on Arterials in Taoyuan County. 2010.08  
  • A Strategic Plan for Improving and Promoting a Human-based Environment for Pedestrians in Taipei City. 2014.05  
  • Manual for Placement of Roadway Guide Signs. 2007.03  
  • Traffic Control Strategies for On-street LRT Systems in Taiwan 2005.06  

03 Traffic Micro-simulation Modeling
  • Planning & Design for Congestion Relief of Highways in Taoyuan County 2014.04  
  • Passenger Flow Simulation for Dukuh Atas Mass Rapid Transit Station in Jakarta, Indonesia   
  • Microscopic Simulation for the Pre-emptive Signaling of Kaohsiung Circular-line LRT. 2012.10  
  • Building a Micro-simulation Model for Evaluating Strategies for Enhancing Regional Freeway Operational Efficiency. 2008.02  
  • Micro-Simulation of Traffic Signal Priority for LRT in Downtown Sacramento, California, USA 2006.09  

04 Traffic Impact Assessment
  • 【School】Traffic Impact Assessment of the New Buildings in Taipei American School. 2009.09  
  • 【Shopping Center】Traffic Impact Assessment of the New Nan Shan Shu Hsi Square. 2014.07  
  • 【Office】Traffic Impact Assessment of the New Shin Kong Financial Building in New Banqiao.. 2013.06  
  • 【Shopping Center】Traffic Impact Assessment of Linkou Mitsui Outlet Park. 2008.09  
  • 【Office】Traffic Impact Assessment of the New ASUS Corporate Headquarter 2014.06  

05 Parking Planning
  • Design of an Animation Car-Searching Provision at Sanmin Parking Lot in Xindian District 2017.05  
  • An Integrated Parking Information System for Taoyuan City. 2014.12  
  • Planning for Parking Lot in Wujie Area in Yilan County 2014.10  
  • A Feasibility Study of a Parking Lot under No. 19 Park in Jingmei, Taipei City 2006.07  

06 Traffic Maintenance Plan
  • Traffic Maintenance Plan of International Car-free Day in New Taipei City in 2010, 2011. 2010.01  
  • Traffic Maintenance Plans for the Anniversary Sale Activities for SOGO Department Store at Zhongxiao, Fuxing and Dunhua in Taipei. 2015.09  
  • Traffic Maintenance Plan of Linkou Public Housing and the New Village for 2017 Universiade Players 2014.04  
  • Traffic Maintenance Plan for the Construction of Costco’s Taoyuan Store. 2012.02  
  • A Traffic Maintenance Plan for the Opening Ceremony of Taipei 101 Office Building 2004.03