Land Development

Public Private Partnership
Review of City Zoning Plan
Rezoning in Non-urban Area
Urban Renewal Operations
Land Development Planning
Economic/Financial Planning
 Key Projects Introduction
01 Public Private Partnership
  • 【Cultural Facilities】Consultancy Service for Tendering an ROT Project for the Operation of National Open University in Kaohsiung.   
  • 【Tourist Attraction & Resort】Private Initiated Proposal for Developing Yilan National Center for Traditional Arts. 2013.11  
  • 【Port Facilities】General Consultancy for Public Participation in Developing Logistic Center of Container Terminal in Taipei Port 2001.08  
  • 【 Intermodal Transfer Facilities】General Consultancy of BOT Tendering of Nangang Intermodal Transfer Terminal in Taipei City 2015.10  

02 Review of City Zoning Plan
  • The Third Reading of the specific area of Madou. 2016.10  
  • The research project of the merge of Kaohsiung City and Kaohsiung County. 2006.01  
  • Review of Land Zoned for Public Facilities in Jiayi City Master Plan 2015.01  
  • Detailed Development Plan for Kinmen Special District 2007.12  

03 Rezoning in Non-urban Area
  • Regional Plans of Kaohsiung City, Miaoli County, Keelung City. 2007.08  
  • Comprehensive Planning for Land Development in the Coastal Area East of Keelung City 2010.07  
  • Overall Development of Doulanbi Recreational Area. 1999.09  
  • Review of Maolin National Scenic Area Expansion. 2009.02  
  • Review of Zoning Plan for Public Facilities in Pingtung County. 2011.09  

04 Urban Renewal Operations
  • Permit Application for Land Use Change of Meishan Visitor and Transportation Center   
  • Master Plan for Urban Renewal in Pingtung City & Jiayi City. 2016.10  
  • Urban Renewal of Station Area of Minxiong and Gangshan Railway Stations 2006.01  

05 Land Development Planning
  • Development Strategies and Urban Renewal Plan for MRT Station Areas. 2004.12  
  • Land Development Plan for Special District of South Fujian in Anqi Area in Kinmen. 2014.04  
  • Land Development Plan for Hualien Plant of Taiwan Fertilizer Company. 2001.08  
  • Feasibility Study for the Development of Oceanic Resort in Hualien 2007.06  
  • Feasibility Study for Land Development along Gangshan/Luzhu Extension of Kaohsiung MRT 2011.06  

06 Economic/Financial Planning
  • Consultancy Services for the Development Projects at Bagre and Nakanbe Reclamation Areas in Burkina Faso, Africa. 2003.02  
  • A Handbook for Economic Analyses for Transportation Projects and Analysis Software Update (2016) 2016.02  
  • Financial Plan for the Cultural Park of Forestry Bureau. 2006.03  
  • inancial Assessment and Amendment for Taoyuan Airport MRT .   
  • Economic & Financial Analyses in the Feasibility of Hualien- Taitung Railway Improvement Project 2010.10