City Planning

National/Regional Land/Space Planning
Area Development Plan
Tourism Development Plan
 Key Projects Introduction
01 National/Regional Land/Space Planning
  • Comprehensive Planning for Land Development in the Coastal Area East of Keelung City 2008.12  
  • Regional Plans of Kaohsiung City, Miaoli County, Keelung City. 2011.01  
  • Taitung County’s Integrated Implementation and Development Plan : 2012-2015 2012.01  
  • General Consultancy for Developing a Strategic Plan for National and Regional Land Development 2011.10  

02 Area Development Plan
  • A Master Plan for Land Use & Developments in Freeway Service Areas. 2016.03  
  • Strategies for Managing Mixed Land-use Properties in Taipei City 2013.05  
  • Feasibility Study for Building Connectivity between Two Sides of Railway Tracks and Station Area in Hsinchu City 2011.06  
  • Review of Floor Area Ratio for Promoting Transit Oriented Development in Station Areas of Kaohsiung Metropolitan Area   
  • Review and Assessment of Development Plan of SheZiDao Area. 2010.05  

03 Tourism Development Plan
  • Review of Development of the Extended Area of Maolin National Scenic Area 2010.07  
  • Taitung County’s Operational Plan of Space for Promoting Tourism 2012.02  
  • Taitung County’s Tourism Development Plan 2011.12  
  • Neiwan Railway Line’s Tourism Development Plan 2013.10