Big Data

System, Information Platform & Database Building
Application of Big Data Technology
Development of Transportation Information Products
 Key Projects Introduction
01 System, Information Platform & Database Building
  • Information Platform for Bicycle Lanes in Taichung City. 2016.02  
  • Information Platform Building for Management of Infrastructure Projects in Taoyuan Aeropolis 2015.01  
  • Building Risk Assessment Mechanism and Deployment of an Information Platform for Climate Change Adaptation for the Railway and Highway Systems in Taiwan 2013.04  
  • Decision Support System and Database Building for Railway Network. 2011.06  
  • Decision Support System and Integrated Database for Transportation Infrastructure Budget Allocation 2008.06  

02 Application of Big Data Technology
  • Analysis and Visualization of Bus Operations by Applying Big Data Techniques.   
  • Analysis of Taxi Driving Tracks by Using Big Data Techniques. 2001.08  
  • Applying Big Data Technology for Improving Operation of Jiaoxi Transfer Terminal. 2015.01  
  • Application of Integrated Vehicle Detection Technologies. 2017.06  
  • Premonition of Traffic Congestion in Yilan Area by Using Big Data Technology. 2015.05  

03 Development of Transportation Information Products
  • APP Development for Conducting Traffic Survey.   
  • Operation Management Platform of Intelligent Bus Fleet. 2016.01  
  • Bus Health Housekeeper. 2016.12